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Has your life been completely predictable? Have you ever been overwhelmed, yet at the same time, felt alone? Not one of us is immune to the unexpected challenges and storms life often presents. How we channel our emotions, where we put our focus, how we educate ourselves, and the strategies we build upon are key to accepting our circumstances moving forward.

My books reflect the universal theme of empowering people with ideas, and interventions that worked well for me during two difficult and life-changing events—my dad’s Alzheimer’s disease and my journey through the uncertainty generated by the diagnosis of sacral chordoma cancer. Both stories are written in a conversational style that is easy to read and understand, and both offer candid, self-reflective accounts that present the paradox between pain and contentment, heartbreak and elation, despair and hope for those with serious illness. I speak to anyone facing a huge challenge, and those close to them.

Being diagnosed with chordoma inevitably launches patients and their families into a series of life-changing experiences that few among the uninitiated can imagine. Confronting Chordoma Cancer: An Uncommon Journey provides one patient’s vivid, firsthand account of navigating the unfamiliar territory of this new diagnosis….

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…It offers hope for continued connections and engagement with the person with dementia by using what remains, by going to where the person is, and by sharing time, attention, and love. Susie and Me Days is truly a great read, but it’s also an impressive guide to others dealing with the illness.

Teepa Snow MS, ORT/L,FAOTA Dementia Care Training Specialist


Each person’s journey is different. I hope you enjoy and benefit from reading about mine. I would like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts by visiting my Contact Page.